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High Quality Table Top Commercial Films and Photography

Shoot Food is an International production company based in Istanbul which focuses on the optimization of food and beverage brands through high quality table top commercial films, SFX, model making, internet videos and photography.

Shootfood was founded in 2010 by food advertising producer Barney Fisher-Turner. For SFX and model making we have enjoyed a long partnership with Turkish artist and designer Serkan Agirgol. We work with highly creative people who offer contemporary insight as well as extensive experience and flexibility when it comes to food advertising. This level of know-how invariably leads to consistently positive results; perfectly executed films and photography that serve to heighten the appeal of each and every food brand from any culture.

Brands we have worked with include Nestle, Nestea Ulker Kellogg’s, Americana, 7UP, Lipton, Schweppes, Cappy, Afia, Al Arabi, Saida and Dari.


Barney Fisher-Turner





Shootfood has been working with Istanbul based Imaj studios on a cost effective partnership since early 2018. Phantom Flex 4K high speed camera, Bolt, a comprehensive lighting list and beautifully maintained studio spaces that are ideal for high quality table top productions as well as photography and internet video projects, are all put into ShootFood’s use. With this collaboration, ShootFood will still be producing high quality productions, but with more cost effective budgets.



We work with highly creative people who offer contemporary insight as well as extensive experience and flexibility
when it comes to food advertising.


We like to offer fair pricing whilst always protecting an essential core quality
when it comes to technical ability, overall production strategy and adaptability to each consumer base.


For Table Top commercial films Shootfood works closely with world class Director/DOPs such as Ronald Koetzier, Steve Downer, Pierre Barougier, Ben Dolphin, Nick Sawyer, Avi Karpick, and Max Losito. We have outstanding relationships with the best local film studios and crews as well as direct access to slow motion camera equipment. Shootfood is also capable of traveling with a producer, a small SFX crew and customized rigs to work with local Lebanese or Egyptian production companies and agencies for the purpose of offering convenience and cost effectiveness. Although Shootfood is primarily shooting most projects in Istanbul we currently have production & studio partners in Bucharest, Milan, and Munich; we don’t mind bringing Shootfood to well equipped studios in other cities in the interest of bringing the price down and making things more practical. 


ShootFood Stories focuses on producing highly economical food recipe videos for online communities. We use/create recipes with brands’ products. Our team consists of immensely creative people who offer contemporary insight as well as extensive experience and flexibility when it comes to online videos: specialist food advertising producer, ‘in front of camera hand’ (hand model), kitchen assistants, versatile Turkish and International Food Stylists. For Director/DOP we prefer to work with Bogac Erguvenc. Bogac is in house and he has a wealth of both above the line and digital experience; he has worked for over 20 years as a TVC director in Turkey and abroad and now 5 years with internet videos specializing in large scale projects commissioned by food brands. We run a 800sqm in house kitchen studio in Istanbul including 6 prepared kitchens and 1 prep kitchen, a vast prop collection, extensive lights, 5 x 6500 Sony cameras with 100fps 4K DSLR with lenses (includes super macro) and In house post production including offline, grading, online + specific versions for different social platforms; e.g. Facebook. Linked in, 15 second Instagram versions, giff versions etc. We also operate a content agency which is very useful for Internet video projects of any scale. Through thoughtful content, good shot selection, gratifying lighting, food and prop styling as well as editing & grading we are offering food videos with heightened taste appeal – something that is very rare in internet video production especially when one is shooting 4 videos a day. We have just completed a large scale highly aesthetic internet video and food photography campaign for Impact BBDO Jeddah and Al Arabi oil.


Together with our special effects partner Serkan Agirgol we provide high quality SFX and model making for the Middle East and Turkey where these services are very rare; we are also working frequently for European clients. Our fully equipped design and testing studio is based in Istanbul and is part of the same site as our production house; With extensive experience in model making, mock ups, props and general SFX, we provide high quality services in film and art productions, art direction, production design, SFX liquids, animatronics, mechanical rigs, prosthetics, sculpture, costume design, stop motion, puppet making, breakaway glass, 3D scanning and 3D rapid prototyping. With broad representation of various key artistic and technical disciplines and an overall creative outlook we are perfectly equipped when positively responding to the individual imaginations of all good Artists, Directors and Creative Directors; we believe in close solution based work alliances based on effective information sharing and collaboration- whether providing customized rigs and liquid for a high speed commercial film or providing a specialized art work for a local Art Gallery. 


SFX Director and chief model maker Serkan Agirgol sets the bar very high in Turkey and internationally for beautifully crafted highly naturalistic food Mock ups. We frequently design attractively priced custom mock ups and send them to Middle Eastern and European production companies. Even though this process is achieved remotely for the most part we pride ourselves on being extremely collaborative and precise when it comes to alignment throughout the 3D model stage and final execution. Serkan has broad experience with all food types from chocolate, ice cream, cookies and biscuits as well as all fruit. please take a look at our examples.   


We provide all of our own VFX, animation and general post production. 2D/3D, Illustrations


Photographer, Food Styling, Art Direction, Re-Touching


Contact w/Executive Producer: Barney Fisher-Turner